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Catering Less than 20 people

Catering for less than 20 people has never been easier and is extremely customizable.  Pick what meat you want by the half pound, pick your side items and your done! Ok, there is a little more to it than that, but that's what we are here for. Let us know how many people, how many meats, side items and other details and we can use our existing restaurant pricing to create your menu. If you have between 10-20 people using our "half pan" pricing for side items is beneficial. Otherwise our regular menu "side items" can be used.

half pan image_edited.png

A "Half Pan" can serve anywhere from 10-25 people, depending on how many side items are offered and how many adults versus children are in attendance. Some other factors affect it as well, but its a good way to estimate what you need.

Side Items:

Coleslaw                                    $30

Mac & Cheese                          $45

Smoked Baked Beans              $40

Cornbread $4 ea. or Half Pan $36 (cut to your size 12+)

Packaged buns (8-12 buns depending on size) $10

**Sauces are provided based on volume of meat purchased

Meat by the 1/2 lb: 

Pulled Pork                                                       $8

Pulled Chicken                                                 $8

Brisket                                                              $12

Sausage, by the Link (Italian or Hot Link)      $6

This option only requires one day notice and it will be prepared fresh and hot at your chosen time for pickup. Payment is required to place your order.

Now that we are getting back to the office, it's nice to treat the staff to a boxed lunch prepared by Bourbons Smokehouse. The lunch includes a choice of Pulled Pork or Pulled Chicken sandwich, two small sides of coleslaw and smoked beans, corn bread and a drink.  Pick up or local delivery available. (delivery depends on notice and proximity to restaurant)

box lunch_edited.png

$12/ ea. Choose from Pork or Chicken or combination.  $2 extra for Brisket sandwich. No substitutions on side items. Drinks include choice of Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Brisk Lemon Tea and Bottled Water.

Delivery when available is $10 with an immediate area. Please call to make arrangements.

This option only requires one day notice and it will be prepared fresh and hot at your chosen time for pickup. Payment is required to place your order as well as a minimum of 10 sandwiches.

Box Lunches for Office
Catering for more than 20 people

There are three different tiers for catering packages:

$24 for 2 meats and 2 side items

$26 for 2 meats and 3 side items

$28 for 3 meats and 3 side items

Catering packages include plates and cutlery, choice of bread and sauces.  


Meat Choices:


Pulled Pork,Sliced Pork Tenderloin, Pork Chop

Pulled Chicken, Chicken Breast, BBQ Chicken Pieces, Whole Chicken

Turkey Breast, Whole Turkey

Steak Tenderloin Medalians

Italian Sausage or Hot Links

Smoked Burgers

*Smoked Salmon and Baby Back Ribs are available for FMV

Side Item Choices:


Smoked BBQ Baked Beans

Awe-Mazing Mac and Cheese

Mashed Potatoes

Seasoned Diced Potatoes

Mixed Greens Salad with Salad Dressing

Elote- Corn or Corn on the Cob (seasonal)

Fresh Fruit Tray

Potato Salad

Pepper and Onions

This option requires one week notice. 50% Payment is required to place your order and is non-refundable if canceled within 3 days of the event date.

Catering for Weddings

Catering for weddings is completely customizable.  We can use general catering and keep it simple or we can scale it up to include upgrades.  Some upgrades include:



Upgraded cutlery and plates (silver look and real plate appearance)

Create custom Hors d'oeuvres

Set up, serve, clean up on site (catering area)

Couples midnight leftover package

Black Label (bring the travel smoker)

Let us know how we can help you plan your next event.

Thanks for submitting!

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