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What are you Smokin' ?

Come on In!
We have a relaxing Bar Area and Dining Room for families.

280 E. Lincoln Hwy, New Lenox IL  

Our food is high quality fresh food, prepared to order.  Although we offer a quick service restaurant style setting, we are not fast food. 


Visit our Full Bar and try some of our Specialty Drinks.

Bourbons Smokehouse has been 20 years in the making.  What first started out as a hobby grew into a passion to create a unique flavor profile that speaks to what the Chicago area is looking for. While we definitely can say we enjoy a great Texas BBQ, Kansas City, Memphis or even just Southern style BBQ-  the midwest does not have a defined signature. Our Pit Master, Joe Regiro has taken his time, to learn the craft from other great pit masters.  He has absorbed the time proven techniques and has combined them in a way to create something special.  A wood fired smoked Barbecue experience that hits the balance between traditional wood smoked BBQ and bold unique flavors distinctive to the Midwest, Chicagoland area.


"Dining out, and choosing Barbecue, has a certain amount of expectations.  You want comfort, but your'e also looking for something that Wows your tastebuds.  For some that might be a sweet heat contradiction or even a meat heat.  Whatever it is, we provide a bounty of different flavors that collide together in many combinations.  In fact, we say, you don't need the sauce! The meat should stand on its own, the sauce should be complementary. But it does make it more fun, so give them a try. That part is up to you.  "

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Special Occasions, Catering and Events

Catering and Events is how we got started!  We have several options when it comes to catering your perfect event.  We have packages for 20 people and more, or boxed lunches for smaller get togethers. We offer an on-site catering extravaganza with our mobile smoker- called Black Label.  Call us and let us know how we can help you with your catering needs today. 


"Wood fired pit, slow smoked Brisket "


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For employment opportunities reach out to us.

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We are hiring for:

  • Line Cooks and Prep

  • Cashiers

  • Bartender

Part Time and Full Time Available

We are looking for a few more people.

and we are Hiring all positions.

Join our Team

We understand that people work, because they need a paycheck!  But we also understand that for many, there are other things that are important for employment.  What is important to one person, may not be important to the next.  At Bourbons Smokehouse we believe in setting up a good team, that enjoys working together. We also understand that flexibility with your work schedule is important, especially for part time employees.  Some people are looking for that perfect time slot, which would allow them to work only when their kids are in school- we have that too!

Whatever it is you are looking for, we are willing to consider providing. We are willing to invest in you if you bring a positive attitude with reliability to the table. We want to find the "right" people.You're not dealing with a huge corporation. You are dealing with people, who remember how it is to work for someone else.  We promise to respect you, treat you with decency, offer fair pay, tip share for applicable roles and bonuses for attendance.  As we grow, you will as well. We want you to share in our success, because you will be an important part of it!

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