Catering Packages 


Angel Share


Choice of 1 Pride Meat

1 Side, w/Corn Bread


Single Barrel


1 Choice of Any Prime Meat

2 Sides, w/Corn Bread


Double Barrel


1 Pride & 1 Prime Meat Choices

2 Sides, w/ Corn Bread


Devils Cut


Add Specialty Cuts to any package


Rack House


3 Choices of Any Meat

3 Sides, w/ Corn Bread

Our Bourbon Infused Slow Smoked, All Wood Meats will elevate your tastebuds to a place they won't soon forget!

Some say Bourbon was evolved, not invented and as such it's terminology has grown within the Bourbon Community.

Angel Share - Refers to the amount of bourbon which evaporates or escapes through the porous wooden barrel.

Single Barrel - is the higher grade of bourbon that comes from the individual aging process

Double Barrel - a blend of different grains combined in a aged casks

Rack House - the storage facility where all barrels are stored through the aging process. Temperature and moisture are closely monitored to ensure perfection of every barrel.

Devils Cut - refers to the small, prime part of the bourbon that gets trapped within the wood of the barrel. It is the sweet extract from the wood barrel itself.